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The Health-Sustainability Connection

More and more people are waking up to the realization that "what is good for the environment is actually good for our health too" ! Environmental factors - like the quality of air we breathe and purity of water we use for drinking and washing - affect our health. Likewise, the lifestyle choices we make for staying healthy - like the food we eat, the medications we take, the exercises we do and the items we use to maintain personal hygiene - can not only determine our health but also influence our impact on the environment ! While eating organic food and using chemical-free personal care products - as far as possible - can help prevent a host of diseases, spending time amidst nature has been found to be conducive to health. Walking in natural surroundings can reduce stress, improve attentiveness, rejuvenate spirits and contribute to one's overall physical and emotional wellbeing. No wonder, most people look for natural retreats when taking breaks from their regular routine to relax.
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Stay healthy the natural way

Greenie's Globe: Naturally Fit Before going for a much-hyped health supplement, a multi-vitamin tablet or an over-the-counter pill available on the market to increase your immunity or cure a common ailment, why not give nature a chance ?! There's a host of "natural" ways - with no complications or side effects - by which you can stay fit and energetic. Nature has immense potential to invigorate your body, mind and spirit. Natural living involves living in harmony with nature and adopting natural means to stay healthy. Simple herbal remedies can heal many common ailments. Meditation can make you more responsive to environmental stimuli. The practice of Yoga can presumably help increase your adaptability to climate change ! The sunlight, the air, the water, the trees - they all have incredible resources to enhance your physical fitness and maintain your mental peace. Infact, staying in tune with nature can actually improve your entire life ! Stay in the pink of health while living green !

Natural Beauty

Meditate. Meditating is a time proven way of relieving stress and depression. It brings about mental peace and well-being.
Exercise. Regular exercise can increase metabolism and burn calories. Try light freehand workouts, breathing exercises, yoga or atleast play some game.
Walk in the woods. A early morning stroll in the forest can reduce hypertension. If a forest isn't nearby, go for a park with lots of trees.
Take herbal bath. Bathing in lukewarm water mixed with herbal extracts can be healthy and soothing. It helps cure / prevent skin problems and removes toxins. Examples are neem and ginger (in winter)
Drink herbal tea. Depending upon the season your health condition, you may try herbal concoctions or plain herbal tea (green / jasmine/ ginger) instead of normal tea.
Use essential oils. Applied topically, they help soothe muscles / joints and increase immunity. Inhaling them has therapeutic benefits too. Popular ones are eucalyptus, mint an lavender.
Eat healthy food. Have a balanced diet. Eat organic. Eat seasonal foods and probiotics. Avoid all junk, oily and sugary items.
Take herbal supplements. Some herbs - readily available in the markets - are known to cure common maladies and improve immunity. But it's best to consult a specialist before taking any such remedy for long term.
Sleep well at night. A deep sound sleep at night can calm both the body and mind. Add spices in your cooking. Adding spices - with therapeutic effects - in moderation as condiments in cooking can help build immunity.
Stay hydrated. Drink adequate amount of water throughout the day - replacing soft drinks and hot beverages.
Get exposure to sunlight. A daily dose of atleast half an hour of sunlight is essential for the body.
Dress according to weather. During winter, season changes and days of temperature fluctuations, be properly dressed to avoid catching cold.
Avoid exposure to toxins. At home / office, be cautious about coming in touch with toxic chemicals - especially in cleaning agents.
Enjoy. Take breaks. Socialise. Laugh out loud, literally. Devote some time to a hobby. Occasional recreation is essential for physical and mental well-being.

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Eco-Friendly Beauty and Non Toxic Personal Care

Eco-Friendly Beauty "Have you heard warnings about toxic ingredients in your personal care products, or wondered what labels like "organic" and "natural" actually mean? Your largest organ is your skin, and conventional beauty standards demand we put a lot of things all over it, and our skin absorbs what we put on it! While those demands are optional, of course, many people use at least some form of beauty and personal care products, but unfortunately, not all of those products are healthy or even safe. In fact, many are not even evaluated for safety by the FDA. Needless to say, finding safe, healthy alternative products that actually work can be tough! In this poster series, you'll learn about the many toxic chemicals found in conventional beauty and personal care products, from coal tar in hair dyes, to carcinogens like talc to hormone disruptors like parabens, as well as the many ways these harmful substances affect human ecology. You'll also explore the dangers of feminine hygiene products and explore several alternatives for pampering yourself with eco-friendly products (heard of henna or paleo makeup?!). "
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Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is not meant to cover all possible circumstances, precautions, drug interactions or adverse effects. Readers are advised to see a doctor for any health issues and consult a specialist before using alternative medicine or altering a regimen.

Herbal Remedies

Greenie's Globe: Herbal Remedies For common health problems, herbal remedies can be safer, economical and sometimes more effective than conventional medicine. They are essentially plants - or plant parts / extracts - that are used as alternative medicine to cure or prevent diseases. One of the most popular systems of herbal remedies is the Indian traditional branch of medicine - Ayurveda.
It is incorrect to assume that just because herbs are "natural", they are absolutely safe for health - as some people may be sensitive to certain natural products. Remember, suggested herbal remedies do not undergo any rigorous testing process that conventional drugs do. So its always best to consult a qualified physician before taking any herb - or a herbal concoction - as a remedial measure or as health supplement. A rule of thumb is to use herbs in moderation - do not go overboard!

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  Tips : AYURVEDA - India's Traditional Herbal Medicine

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Holistic Healing

Greenie's Globe: Holistic Healing Holistic healing involves taking a holistic approach towards treatment of a disorder. This approach thus goes beyond considering only the physiological and psychological aspects as causes of a physical imbalance. In fact, it considers social, emotional and spiritual aspects as important factors affecting a person's health. The treatment here is more of a lifestyle guide than a one-time fix. Holistic healing attempts to make patients live healthier and feel better, rather than just help them recover from their illness. It can change people's outlook towards life by boosting their self-confidence and teaching them to be more socially and environmentally responsible.
Holistic healing need not be thought of as alternative medicine as it doesn't try to be a substitute for conventional treatment. It can go in parallel or in conjunction with normal medicine. In fact, some of the practices have been accepted and integrated into modern medical system - examples include meditation, physiotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic medicine. Other popular holistic healing practices include vibrational medicine, aromatheraphy and naturopathy. Even some alternative medicine branches - like Homeopathy and Ayurveda - also have a somewhat holistic healing approach.

YOGA : Ancient Indian Exercise

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International Yoga Day June 21st, 2017

The United Nations General Assembly has earmarked 21st of June as International Day of Yoga or simply World Yoga Day ! An ancient spiritual discipline that originated in India over 5000 years ago, Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word "yuj" - meaning to join or to unite - and symbolizes the union of an individual's existence and the Supreme Consciousness. Today, Yoga is practised the world over in a variety of forms and is recognized as a freehand exercise and an "all-natural" way of curing multiple ailments ! So, acknowledging the Universal appeal of Yoga - and its innumerable health benefits - the UN has dedicated this day to celebrate its splendour ! The theme for the year 2017 is 'Yoga for Health.' - meant to emphasize the fact that yoga can contribute in a holistic way to bring about a balance between the mind and the body. As per the view of the organizers this particular approach to health and wellbeing "can make a direct and useful contribution to humankind's quest to achieve sustainable development and move towards lifestyles that are in harmony with nature" .
Yoga, the ancient Indian traditional exercise, is a "subtle science" that has the potential to "unify" thought and action and even help strike a balance between restraint and fulfillment ! Moreover, since the "asanas" (postures) of Yoga are inspired - and even named after - objects in the natural environment, Yoga can in fact help bring about an appreciation for Nature and concern for the Environment !
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 YOGA : Surya Namaskar - The Sun Salutation !

A lot of people acknowledge the usefulness of Yoga but complain that they don't have enough time - or patience - to practise it ! Besides, those willing to include a few yogic asanas(postures) into their daily exercise session often wonder which ones to choose ! Well, here's a a single workout routine with multiple benefits ! "Surya Namaskar" - or the Sun Salutation - is a sequence of 12 yogic asanas constituting a full body workout . It is believed to bring about a host of health benefits when practised daily and properly. Apart from revitalizing the body and refreshing the mind, this workout helps in enhancing the blood circulation and improve functioning of the organs and nerve centres. Other benefits include reducing blood sugar levels, improving digestion, removing insomnia and beating stress. It may further help in losing weight and shedding belly fat. Although it is ideally done on an empty stomach in the morning, doing it in the evening can help one unwind after a day's hard labour ! Be warned though, as some yoga poses are not suitable for people with certain health problems - especially those with high BP, coronary ailments or slipped disk. To play safe, those suffering from any chronic problem should seek medical advice before attempting it ! For all others though, this is worth giving a try ! Surely, there's no better way of improving one's health while paying tribute to the life-sustaining Sun ! It is highly recommended for all those busy individuals who need a "single shot" for staying fit ! To know more click here ...
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 Alert : "Organic" Personal Care Products

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 World Health Day 7th,April 2017 - "Depression: Let's Talk"!

Every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) observes 7th, April as World Health Day. The theme for this year is Depression - and WHO plans to carry out a one-year global campaign on it ! The goal is to encourage people with depression seek help and get attention before the condition gets worse! "Depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide". An estimated 300 million people are suffering from depression today. Lack of social support - and fear of stigma - often prevent "depressed" people from seeking the much-needed medical help. Being an illness that can happen to anyone anytime, depression causes a mental agony that may hinder its victims from carrying out their regular work. It may destroy relationships in one's personal and professional lives and - in the worst case - may lead to suicide ! But fortunately, depression can be "prevented" and "treated". In fact, a good understanding of what depression is can help remove the stigma associated with it and facilitate proper counselling and cure of its victims.
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