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By S. Gupta


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Pests are a menace - at homes, gardens and farms - and people are always looking for ways to get rid of them. As more and more people are becoming aware of the adverse effects that chemical pesticides have on health and environment, the demand for organic pest control firms - who employ natural methodologies to eliminate pests - is steadily growing. For ecopreneurs, this is a lucrative sector to enter as people are willing to pay a professional organic pest control firm handsomely enough to get rid of the abominable pests that may otherwise destroy their property and produce.

But there are issues with organic pest control that home owners and property managers must understand upfront - the very first one being that the pests cannot be eliminated once and for all ! Organic pest control isn't a single-shot pill, it's a process that needs to be repeated periodically in order to keep the pests at bay. No wonder, experienced organic pest control firms insist on entering into annual contracts. And secondly, every unwelcome guest isn't a pest - bees and spiders are actually useful creatures even if we don't quite like them ! So, under the organic pest control mechanism, elimination of critters is very selective - so that pests may be kept under check without disturbing the natural ecological balance. Someone who is new to this organic pest control business should meticulously find out what sort of natural materials and concoction can be used for controlling pest in an eco-friendly manner.

The modus operandi of organic pest control is more targeted than the blanket approach of conventional chemical pesticides. As the intensive spraying of chemicals at rooms and gardens can be harmful for children, pets and the environment at large, organic pest control treatment mostly makes use of natural baits and repellents that are safe for health. Using traps in conjunction with natural pesticides are likely to give the best results.

Some experts believe that the ideal organic pest control system would be one where the pest control firm provides support in the form of methods, machines and materials, using which the property owners and managers can carry out the installation, supervision and treatment all by themselves.

Although there will always be demand for organic pest control services, and experts have the option of charging more for better quality, ecopreneurs should know that the start-up costs of entering this sort of a business is substantial. Where possible, an ecopreneur can even become a franchisee of an established organic pest control firm so that he or she may jump into the business right away without having to worry about recognition, marketing, equipment and expertise. After drawing up a proper business plan for organic pest control, the ecopreneur should find out what of licensing and certifications an exterminator would need. The initial expenditure for an organic pest control firm involves cost of equipment and materials. Besides, some sort of a vehicle would be needed to travel to the clients' sites with staff and ammunition !

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