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Organic Gardening Chemical-free organic products for gardens and farms Geolife Naturally

Eco Tourism Travel and contribute to the community, wildlife and environment GoEco International

Bay Wise  Advice on simple, cost-effective ways for preventing pollution at source.

The Better World Group    Information on environmental strategy and policy development.

Build It Green    Training tools and technical expertise to create energy-efficient buildings.

California Product Stewardship Council    Advice on product design processes that create less waste.

Carbon Credit Agency    Provides carbon offsets to reduce carbon (co2) emissions through carbon offsetting.

Climate Change    Answers to people's frequently asked questions about climate change.

Conserve a Tree    Valuable advice regarding paper selection and recycling.

Earth911    Recycling and disposal locations by zip code.

Ecology Center    Training, referrals, strategies, infrastructure, and models for green living.

Environmental Defense Fund    Businesses and Govts working together to find environmental solutions.

Environmental Working Group   Resources and information to protect public health and the environment.

Freecycle   Nonprofit network that works to give away or receive items to reduce landfill waste.

Global Warming    Website of Cooler Heads Coalition - an international group of non-profit organizations.

Good Green Habits    Eco-friendly habits and products for keeping the planet healthy.

Greenbiz    News, opinions, practices, and resources pertaining to Green Business.

Lighter Footstep    Articles and tips related to help people live a lighter Green Lifestyle.

Millan Totes    Unique kind of reusable handbags made from remnants of upholstery fabric.

Paper Recycles    Tips on setting up paper recycling programs at workplace, school or home.

Recycle More    Recycling and information about hazardous waste for workplace, home and school.    Practices related to reduction of waste and keeping environment safe.

Sierra Club    Activites, materials, and programs pertaining to protection of natural resources.

Sponsor Trees    Reforestation projects to help save our the Earth.

Stop Global Warming    Resources related to climate change and greenhouse gas emission.

Stop Waste    Services and resources catering to the reduction of waste stream

Terrapass    Information related to Carbon footprint and reduction of the adverse impact of driving.

Union of Concerned Scientists    Public information from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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  Green Living Tips : 12 Simple Steps to Go Green

Here's an extract from a Greenie's Globe article

Start a Green Business

By S. Gupta

Have you noticed ? The word green has suddenly become very popular - and the reason behind its popularity is not merely aesthetic ! It's just that the word green, apart from being a primary colour, stands for "eco-friendly" - a feature which nowadays every conscious customer looks for in a product. Needless to say, eco-friendly is something products of almost every market-oriented enterprise today is striving to be or at least - as in some cases - "pretending" to be.

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