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Bluebells in the Backyard

An article on "Green Gardening"

By S. Gupta


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Organic Gardening Gardeners say that no matter where you live or work and how much space you have, there's always room for a garden. So in absence of a backyard, there are other spaces that can serve the purpose - like terraces, balconies, windowsills or containers.

There has been a growing interest among people to grow their own food because of rising food prices and doubts about whether or not the produce they buy from the local grocery stores is free from harmful pesticides. And if such people are hard pressed for time, then an entrepreneur with a green thumb may start a green gardening business to help in setting up small gardens at homes or offices.

The green gardening concept essentially emphasizes on growing fruits and flowers using organic fertilizers and pesticides and without harming the environment in any manner. A green gardening firm can expect to have a wide range of clients ranging from environmentally conscious individuals - who want to set up a small garden in their backyard or terrace - to corporates who want little gardens in their office balconies, frontages or even along the sidewalks or traffic islands with the local Municipality's permission.

Certain green gardening businesses deal in container gardens only. They may rent plants to their clients providing regular maintenance as part of their green gardening service. They may even sell plants using special containers made from recycled materials - like wooden wine boxes, drawers, broken pieces of furniture or discarded teapots.

An ecopreneur starting a green gardening business can buy plants from the local nurseries or grocery stores it's always better to grow one's own garden if he or she has space for it. The latter may be a cost saving option for a green gardening business as some of the plants will produce seeds that can be sowed in the next season. Established green gardening businesses make bulk purchases of plants from nurseries at the end of each growing season.

Anyone with a passion for gardening and an interest in business can give green gardening business a try as it doesn't need a hefty expenditure to do so. It is imperative for anyone willing to embark on a green gardening business to have reasonably good knowledge of plants. Apart from knowing what sort of care different types of plants would need, a green gardening businessman needs to exercise utmost care in transferring saplings to new containers and nurturing them thereafter till they get anchored.

If a green gardening business can offer something special - like expertise in growing beautiful exotic flowers - it may get calls from city parks to render its services.

A green gardening business should first strive to understand the client's requirement or desires, his or her available space and budget, and then give advices and ideas accordingly. Before implementing the green gardening ideas the factors that need to be taken into consideration includes - location and size of the intended garden, climate of the region, type of plants that will thrive in such climates, amount of sunlight or shade that such plants would need, whether or not the soil needs fertilizers and PH balance correction.

Prospects of green gardening business will improve as more and more people realize that growing one's own food is both good for health and environmentally friendly.

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