A Taste of Nature

An article on "Organic Catering"

By S. Gupta


Equal Exchange - Organic and Fair Trade

If you are passionate about cooking, conscious about health and desperate about starting your own small home-based business, Organic Catering might just be an ideal choice for you. Now a new and hot sector of food-service industry, Organic Catering business has low start-up costs, flexible timings and the advantage of being a work-from-home venture.

By the way, what exactly is Organic Catering ? Well, it just the conventional Catering service you know of - providing food and drinks for events - but involves essentially a high degree of care for the environment. So an Organic Catering service must provide healthy food served in an eco-friendly manner.

Usually, the catering industry has very few big companies dominating, thereby offering a good chance to small businessmen to embark on an Organic Catering service and survive in this market. There is competition of course, just as in any good industry, but then the market itself is steadily growing as corporate events are getting more and more elaborate. With the emerging trend of eating healthy food and a growing concern for proper disposal of food industry waste, the opportunity for Organic Catering service is immense.

Organic Catering, like any conventional catering service requires a good deal of organizing skill. Accurately estimating the costs of ingredients, properly sourcing good quality food items, immaculately preparing the ordered dishes and then delivering them in time at the venue of the client's event - all these are part and parcel of an efficient Organic Catering business.

If you have no prior experience of catering, making proper estimates of the cost of ingredients and the time required to prepare the items might initially seem to be a daunting task for you. Add to these the challenge of coming up with innovative recipes for natural and organic dishes to impress your clients - an essential part of an Organic Catering business.

You need not rent commercial premises at exorbitant rates to embark on an Organic Catering business - your very own kitchen might be adequate to start with. But before you start, you should find out all the commercial laws you must abide by, all permits you need to aquire and all food safety norms you have to comply with.

And what sort of a menu should people expect from you if you start an Organic Catering service? Organically grown heirloom tomatoes, lettuces, corn, fresh mozzarella, basil chiffonade with vinaigrette and squash blossom risotto, all flavoured with organic spices and oils, blue cheese or home-made nasturtium butter.

Perhaps a flip side to Organic Catering is that the menu you offer might come with a high price tag, as organic fruits and vegetables are usually somewhat more expensive than the ordinary variety. Moreover, some of the ingredients you need might not be produced locally. This may disappoint many a client, even the ones who are pretty committed to the green living cause.

If you have a strong liking for organic food and know how to cook them, Organic Catering service is probably the most appropriate business for you.

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