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  Green Living Tips : 12 Simple Steps to Go Green

  Earth Day 22ndApril, 2018

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  News : Human-Wildlife Conflict

Elephants get killed on Indian Railway tracks !
Every year a number of elephants get injured or killed by speeding trains on railway tracks running through forests. The pachyderms collide with trains while trying to cross the tracks in search of food or water! It is necessary to strike a balance between infrastructure development and wildlife conservation. Efforts should be made to instal systems that can monitor movements of herds and send warning signals to train drivers on time. To know more click here ...
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Green Living Everyday

Greenie's Globe: Think Green The very first step towards leading a green lifestyle is to make going green a part and parcel of your daily life. Just look around you and reflect on how eco friendly are the things of your daily use.
Be a nature lover ! Enjoy the beauty of nature ! Take your enthusiasm for nature to the level that even people around you know - without being explicitly told - that you are obsessed with nature ! Surround yourself with nature pictures, watch wildlife movies, take keen interest in gardening. Scout for nature songs and poems.

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Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle

Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle "Modern lifestyles can be hard on the environment and on your health. Have you ever considered your ecological footprint? How many resources you consume on a daily basis, and how much waste are you producing? Do our modern lifestyles really improve our well-being, or does the rat race for the American Dream set us up for pollution, hyper-consumerism, rampant unnecessary debt, and workaholism? Are we divorced from nature and the ability to appreciate simple abundance? Does your lifestyle foster community and connection, or does it isolate you in a sea of social media, personal devices, and being "plugged-in" 24/7? Are you inundated with news media scare tactics, or overwhelmed with negative news? An eco-intelligent lifestyle can help you address the harm caused by modern lifestyles, and change your legacy for the better. These posters will educate you and your family about the pitfalls of modern lifestyles, and provide you with tools to embark on an eco-intelligent lifestyle of your own!"
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Environmental Awareness

Greenie's Globe: Environmental Awareness

The aim of environmental awareness efforts is to make people understand the imortance of protecting the physical environment from human excesses. Our society needs to appreciate that the environemnt is fragile and its conservation is indispensable for our own existence. Unless people are aware of the various environmental issues, and ways to address them, they might inadvertantly contribute to its further deterioration. It's our moral duty to make the world a better place for our future generations - and the world cannot be better unless we preserve our environment.
Before you begin any environmental awareness campaign - on a small or grand scale - you need to know about the various environmetal threats. Attending inspirational seminars on environmental conservation, engaging in interactive sessions with enviromentalists, following environmental news and reading books / articles on nature-related topics will gPeople ive you a deeper understanding of environmental issues.
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has suggested several ways using which environmental awareness can be increased.

Academic Institutes. Education can empower children to be responsible citizens and sound decision-makers - with noble values, attitudes, skills and behaviour. Good education is thus the key to any success in sustainable development in the long run. Schools are an iimportant starting point for imparting environmental knowledge. Some nations have made it mandatory to include environmental education in the school curriculum - either as part of the science subject or as a separate discipline altogether. But, appreciating the fact that about 30% of the world population is below 18 years of age, it will surely pay well to do beyond what's in the syllabus. It's essential to ensure that children have "hands-on" experience rather than mere bookish facts and figures.
The Media. The print, radio, television and the Internet media can play a vital role in educating the masses on environmental issues, especially in urban areas and developed countries. Governmental agencies and NGOs can work with the media to convey their messages through regular press briefings or occasional public awareness campaigns. Setting up Information Centres - that are accessible to the media and to the general public - is another effective approach.
Respected Public Figures. In certain rural or tribal areas of developing countries, language barriers, literacy levels and cultural hurdles can prevent proper dissemination of environment-related information. The help of community heads, religious leaders or tribal chiefs can be enlisted for getting the message across to such isolated sections of the society who cannot be reached otherwise. Celebrities - artistes, sportspersons or authors - are known and respected by the people and messages register with the masses properly when such people are involved in awareness campaigns.
Specific sections. Awareness campaigns have been found to be most successful when they are targeted at specific groups as in such instances information can be tailored to their specific needs, challenges and lifestyle. People find it easier to relate to environmental issues when they are shown how such factors affect their lives particularly.

Green Events

Although broadly, a Green event refers to any event that's organized in a reasonably sustainable manner, here we have used the term strictly for events organized to propagate environment-related messages.
Organize or participate in go green activities. Devise projects and hold games - like quiz contests - to encourage and inspire children to take interest in nature. Funding for such initiatives may come from the Government, NGOs or even Corporate houses.

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