Raise your Voice - not the sea level !   - World Environment Day, 2014

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Green Business Affairs Archive

Overhaul of Carbon Trade
At the U.N. climate talks in Cancun, countries failed to arrive at a consensus regarding the overhaul of the $20 billion carbon market, whose future post 2012 is now hanging in the balance. read more

Green Products for Texas Project
Manufacturers of "green technology" are flocking to the Urban Living Laboratory being set at Texas, where devices claiming to save water and energy will be put to test in a real-life urban setting. read more

U.N. advocates low-energy light bulbs
The United Nations maintains that phasing out conventional light bulbs and switching over to low-energy lighting would help us cope with climate change while saving billions in expenses. read more

Agriculture on African Soil
The age-old image of Africa as a land of poverty, epidemics and food crisis is fast changing as profit-seeking investors are eyeing it as a promising destination for agro-buiness. read more

Carbon and Energy Management Software
Expenditure on Carbon and Energy Management Software by large corporates in the US is likely to increase four times by 2014, led by the oil and gas, telecoms and the utilities sectors. read more

Energy efficient Technologies for Hospitals
More and more Hospital owners are desperately looking for energy efficient technologies in order to meet their increasing energy demands and control rising healthcare costs. read more

Offshore Wind Power Plants
France is embarking on an ambitious project of constructing offshore wind power farms in order to generate enough green energy to meet at least 23% of its ever-increasing demand for power. read more

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Green Business Showcase Archive

Emerging Business: Biomass briquettes

Biomass briquettes Reduction in the use of coal and charcoal can greatly help reducing carbon dioxide emmissions. Biofuels like briquettes of biomass can replace coal fully or partially in heating industrial boilers in the production of electricity from steam. In the developing countries, where energy sources are not easily or cheaply available, the use of biomass briquettes made from leaves, grass, straw or even junk mail is widely prevalent and is steadily growing. They are especially helpful in Asian and African countries that have a larger rural population. This is indeed a business opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers of briquette making equipment. read more

Emerging Business: Desalination Plants

Desalination Plant Desalination Plants are set up to remove salt from seawater through a manipulated, energy expensive process. Such saline water desalting is needed in arid or desert regions, and wherever there is a dearth of fresh water, in order to make water potable for human consumption and suitable for irrigation. Desalination is actually a more expensive option than other alternatives for reclaiming fresh water - like groundwater extraction or rainwater harvesting. But, it's the only way out when where other options are not available. Currently, about 1% of the world's population is dependent on desalinated water for their daily needs - but it may rise to 14% in future. read more

Green Business Projects Archive

Soy: Profits and Side Effects

Soy Demand for Soy-based products is soaring worldwide as soy is considered to be a complete protein and a suitable substitute for meat. But then, how safe is soy? Some believe that the chemical-makeup of soy, has ingredients that aren't quite suitable for human consumption. read more

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